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Discover how to reach your goals with a detailed Product Manufacturing Plan

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At Launchworks CDMO, our comprehensive product development and manufacturing services are focused on producing high-quality, cost effective products quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to be a reliable partner throughout the development process using a customized Product Manufacturing Plan.


As a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), Launchworks specializes in the product manufacturing of life sciences products.

Our experts are here to help develop your Product Manufacturing Plan to align with your unique specifications and have your product ready for commercialization through efficient life science manufacturing procedures.


Our proprietary process evaluates the five phases of any Product Manufacturing Plan to ensure high-quality design and production. As experts in this field, we understand the implications of product manufacturing from ideation to implementation.


Our proprietary process evaluates the five phases of any Product Manufacturing Plan to ensure high-quality design and production.

As experts in this field, we understand the implications of product manufacturing from ideation to implementation.


Phase 1: Design and Development

Product manufacturing for the life science industry requires specialized expertise and resources. Our team will assess your products’ needs and costs before determining materials and specifications needed for commercialization, including labeling and packaging requirements. During this phase the product will also be regularly checked to meet QC requirements.

By the completion of the design and development phase, our Product Management team will have the product details outlined to begin development with the Manufacturing team. A cGMP manufactured pilot lot will be ready for internal use or introduction to the market. 

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Phase II: Technology Transfer

After the completion of product specifications, your project will be transferred to the Onboarding and Project Management Teams ahead of the manufacturing phase of production.

All work instructions, label requirements, and shipping standards needed for a given product will be created by our staff for your evaluation and approval while remaining compliant with our ISO-13485 quality management system. Launchworks specialists will adhere to all workflows created during the design and development stage for smooth technology transfer. By the end of Phase II, our team will acquire all necessary materials and give an approximate shipping date to prepare for the next phase of the Production Manufacturing Plan.

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Phase III: Precision Manufacturing

In the diagnostics and life science industry, quality management is essential. The Launchworks CDMO quality management systems are responsible for ensuring that products meet all safety and performance standards for end users before final production is complete. Our Manufacturing Team and QMS will ensure that your product is ready for production under cGMP and ISO-13485:2016 certified requirements.

Quality management can be a complex task, but the right tools can help streamline the process and ensure that high-quality products are developed. No matter your target market, we can satisfy regulatory compliance needs thanks to our single quality path for manufacturing. By the end of this phase, your product will be ready for final evaluation and approval upon completion of final QC testing.

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Phase IV: Product Launch and Fulfillment

Once you have given approval for product release, our Quality Team conducts the final review before determining that your product is eligible for shipping. 

Our Fulfillment and Logistics Team will ensure that your product is safely delivered to your designated warehouse or directly to your customers. We will be there through all stages of the supply chain, including temperature controlled packaging and end-user fulfillment. If you choose to store your product before shipping, Launchworks will also make sure that the storage facility is properly monitored for safe handling of delicate products.

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Phase V: Post-Launch Efficiencies

Launworks CDMO strives for continuous improvement. To do so, we repeatedly review progress and recommend updates regarding your product specifications, processes, and equipment needs. After careful evaluation and testing, our experts will recommend alterations to enhance efficiencies, lower costs, and minimize risks as you look to scale your product. 

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Case Studies

How Launchworks Has Helped Commercialize Products

A successful product launch requires careful attention to detail. The Launchworks CDMO Product Manufacturing Plan is a trusted method to bring products from their initial design stages all the way to the hands of their designated end-users. To illustrate how Launchworks has helped companies develop their life science products, learn more about their stories below.

Partner With Custom Formulation Manufacturing Experts in the Diagnostics Industry

As a trusted CDMO, Launchworks assists life science companies with quality control throughout the product lifecycle. Our experts have experience in managing complex supply chains as well as working within regulatory guidelines, making them an invaluable partner for any business looking to commercialize a new product. 

The Product Manufacturing Plan is a reliable framework to help you develop a successful product that meets your needs. To get started, contact Launchworks today.

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