Pilot Lot Production

Our scientists and engineers will review your product requirements and produce quick iterative pilot lots of new, challenging, or high complexity products. This provides proof of transferability to our full production team while also lowering risks of potential unknown technical challenges in scale up.


Tech Transfer

Our trained project development and management teams will work with you to fully define your product specifications and process documentation to our standards. Allowing our precision manufacturing team to produce a product that exceeds your manufacturing objectives.

Woman scientist in a white coat performing a scientific test

Custom Formulation

Whether a part of a larger kitted product or simply bulk format solution our process engineers will establish product specific work instructions that capture all of your formulation specifications while also providing increased quality assurance, material traceability, and elimination of your internal manufacturing risk.


Kit Production

With full traceability and product purity, our ISO-13485:2016 quality standards ensure all of your products are produced to your exact specifications including commonly overlooked items such as box label placement, component fulfillment into packaging or simply our critical eye for defects in raw materials.

Man and woman wearing protective head wear and protective eye wear looking at a chart

Finished Product QC

For the most turn key production solutions we provide you the option to transfer your validated functional product QC tests to our qualified engineers and scientists. LaunchWorks immediately performs your lot release tests following production resulting in decreased logistical costs and lot release times. Upon completion of this testing we provide detailed reports of the results back to your quality team for final review and product release.


Critical Component QC

Lack of necessary quality control critical product can lead to missed deadlines and exceeded budgets. Launchworks will work with you to identify critical components through the validation of your incoming materials, supplier audits, as well as raw material shipping and receiving stability.

African-American woman in protective clothing analyzing samples


Out of three vendors we use, one is cGMP, you have no errors & the others had several.

We went with LaunchWorks because you had the better solution. Every department was very pleased with the partner experience, including operations, R&D and marketing!

Your people demonstrated they were excited about the project and wanted to do the work! We also like that you have a culture of continuous improvement and LEAN manufacturing methodologies.