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Microfluidics Consortium – Global Video Meeting

Scaling Up Operations during a Pandemic:  Addressing the Challenges Presented to a Service Organization Scaling an organization is never a simple task as predicting the future can never be 100% accurate.  Plans are made, pressure tested, adjusted and finalized to the best of our knowledge.  It is a new year, 6 months of planning and forecasting the needs for the next 18 months are now complete.  The year’s trajectory is set as January starts.  Six weeks later, the world has turned upside down.  95% of the expected business is put on hold due to shelter-in-place effects; replaced 4X by COVID-19 diagnostic and serology tests.  This is one company’s story on we navigated the challenges, learned lessons, reassured our clients, engaged new clients, protected our team, supported our community and prepared for the new normal during the first four months of the pandemic. Registration and payment may be required. Presented by: Jeffrey Kelly, General Manager  

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