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summer outing 3-1
LaunchWorksAug 1, 2023 1:15:31 PM< 1 min read

LaunchWorks Celebrates Employees

Summer Outing 1-1
1 In July 2023, we celebrated our employees and their tireless work on the race track!
summer outing 2-1
2 And also with some friendly competition.
summer outing 4-1
3 A friendly game of mini golf before a taco lunch.
summer outing 5-1
4 Even at the Summer Outing, our employees exercise laser focus.
summer outing 6
More fun times at the Summer Outing 2023!


LaunchWorks is a winning team of innovative, experienced, and knowledgeable contract manufacturing experts with a track record of turning complex life science ideas into high-quality products on-time and on-budget.