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From Ideas to Realities (1)
LaunchWorksJan 26, 2024 12:25:01 PM2 min read

Design with Confidence, Manufacture with Ease: Development Services for a Worry-Free Journey

Bringing a new and innovative, potentially industry-changing product to market is a thrilling prospect, but the process involved can be daunting. Where does a brilliant idea go after taking shape? How does a company avoid costly pitfalls and get their product brought to market with confidence?  

In the fast-paced industry of life science diagnostics, LaunchWorks CDMO understands the route a product is going to take. With over 20 years of combined experience in product design and development, our team acts as your trusted guide to take you from ideation to commercialization –all while simultaneously minimizing frustrating “first to market” risks and costs. 

Our comprehensive design services equip you with the tools and insights to ensure a smooth and efficient development process. From the very beginning, we help you navigate critical hurdles: 

  • Raw Material Optimization: We don't leave your supply chain to chance. We identify crucial components and secure alternative sourcing options, guaranteeing a resilient and reliable supply chain for your product. 
  • Guard Banding: Flex studies are your weapon against unexpected manufacturing hiccups. We optimize your product design for the transition from small-scale prototyping to full-blown production, minimizing tech transfer issues and keeping your project on track. 
  • Process Optimization: Say goodbye to guesswork. We analyze your Bill of Materials and identify design improvements that enhance both user experience and manufacturing reliability. This ensures not only the ease of use for your product but also that it is cost-effective to produce. 
  • Pilot Lots: Before full-scale production, let's test the waters. Our pilot lot builds act as a "proof of concept," revealing potential bottlenecks and risks before they derail your progress. Plus, you get access to early-stage batches for internal testing or even limited market rollout – priceless feedback for further refinement. 
  • Final Package and Label Design: Don't let regulatory roadblocks slow you down. We analyze the relevant marketing and regulatory requirements, ensuring your final packaging and labeling are compliant and impactful, ready to catch the eye of customers and regulators alike. A well-designed package is not just a formality; it’s a vital element in your product’s success. 

Beyond design, our development team delves into the crucial science of stability testing. Using both real-time and accelerated methods, we determine your product’s shelf life with exceptional accuracy. This empowers you to make informed decisions about inventory, ensuring your product reaches your customers at its peak performance.   

With LaunchWorks CDMO by your side, the journey from groundbreaking concept to market-ready innovation becomes a roadmap, not a minefield. We offer the expertise, guidance, and meticulous design services you need to navigate the complexities of life science development with confidence.  


LaunchWorks is a winning team of innovative, experienced, and knowledgeable contract manufacturing experts with a track record of turning complex life science ideas into high-quality products on-time and on-budget.