Finished Goods Storage

Securely store your raw materials and finished goods in our facility. Every movement of these items is tracked and traceable, and accessible.


Drop Shipping

LaunchWorks can function as your warehouse, drop-shipping to your customers on your behalf. You also have the ability to call down shipment through your own portal or via API integrations with your CRM.


Product Retainment

LaunchWorks offers post-production finished good extended storage of our customers’ products. This stored product is always available should the need arise to perform additional testing on prior production lots of product.


Transportation Management

This comprehensive offering includes courier selection and management, re-ice programs, distribution and proactive track and trace. Additional offerings include utilization of a full suite of pre-validated and reusable shippers through our affiliate company, Cryopak.


Customer Specific Portal

Launched in 2020 is our customer portal which allows you to have real time visibility to all finished goods stored at our facility. View, manage, and call down inventory in an easy-to-use interface.



Out of three vendors we use, one is cGMP, you have no errors & the others had several.

We went with LaunchWorks because you had the better solution. Every department was very pleased with the partner experience, including operations, R&D and marketing!

Your people demonstrated they were excited about the project and wanted to do the work! We also like that you have a culture of continuous improvement and LEAN manufacturing methodologies.