LaunchWorks has increased its filling capacity for the production of diagnostic test kits with the addition of new automation equipment at its Beverly, MA and Anjou, Canada facilities.

The expansion is part of LaunchWorks response to help meet the world’s public health needs in disease diagnosis and the fight against COVID-19. With the addition of the new filling automation equipment, LaunchWorks has the functionality and capacity to produce up to 500,000 microtubes or transport media tubes per week. The new automation also improves the quality process by increasing the reproducibility of vial filling.

“Our new suite of filling and capping machines will be easily redeployed for different formulations, allowing us to reduce the cost of manufacturing for customers,” says Celine Barakat, General Manager of LaunchWorks. “This increased capacity reinforces our commitment to support the world’s changing needs during the pandemic, and, beyond that, the growing molecular diagnostics market.”

Originally formed within Enzymatics in 2009 and now in two locations (Beverly, MA and Anjou, Canada), LaunchWorks has evolved over the past 12 years to become an ISO 13485 certified company that is FDA Registered. Integreon Global acquired LaunchWorks in 2017, and has since worked to add new service offerings, including embarking on a filing automation program designed to help its customers be more competitive. A significant portion of the company’s recent efforts has revolved around the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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