LaunchWorks and Canadienzyme, a biotech spin-off company by two McGill University scientists, announced their collaboration to produce a new RT-qPCR Master Mix.

Canadienzyme stepped in to help Canada’s national efforts due to a shortage of tests amid the Coronavirus pandemic.  In doing so, they created a made-in-Canada RT-qPCR testing reagent that works as well as international versions on patient samples. This new Master Mix provides a domestic supply in Canada and increases available inventory in the U.S.

“Prior to COVID-19, there were no made-in-Canada RT-PCR testing solutions. Seeing the need; we stepped in to make these tests domestically so Canadians could be tested reliably on a broad scale,” said Dr. Martin Schmeing, CEO of Canadienzyme. “These tests are designed not just for the current pandemic, but will also equip Canada to respond quickly to other future challenges to the health of Canadians. We anticipate that the Master Mix can be applied for use in most, if not all, clinical diagnostic PCR testing applications.”

“By leveraging our commercial expertise with Canadienzyme’s scientific innovation, we were able to launch the Master Mix in record speed and increase access to a much-needed product,” says Celine Barakat, General Manager of LaunchWorks. “By collaborating directly with inventors and scientists, we’ve proven that we can bring innovative life science solutions to market quickly and efficiently.”

The new RT-qPCR Master Mix developed by Canadienzyme is now available through LaunchWorks in the US and Canada. The two companies will continue to work together to explore other diagnostic products and to bolster Canadian innovation and manufacturing in life sciences.