DNA/RNA extraction is a vital part of biotechnology. It gives scientists the capability to research and study genetic diseases and viruses such as Parkinson’s, Breast Cancer, Influenza, COVID-19 and many more. Although we are still uncovering new things in the biomedical field, DNA/RNA extraction kits further the development in diagnostics and genomics.  

The LaunchWorks xNetic Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit allows for a one-step magnetic bead-based extraction and purification of Viral RNA in less than 15 minutes.  

Product Highlights: 

  • No heating, centrifugation or vortexing 
  • No Proteinase K or carrier RNA required 
  • No cold chain storage requirements for any test components 
  • Samples from swab solutions (VTM and MTM), serum/plasma, saliva, and other cell-free bodily fluids 
  • No expensive benchtop equipment needed for manual processing 

Our technology has been validated for a variety of commercially available automated platforms with results that exceed performance compared to industry standards. The LaunchWorks xNetic Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit is a cost-effective solution that requires less components, less time and less capital investment for diagnostic sample preparation. 

For example, the performance of the LaunchWorks xNetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit showed high extraction efficiencies at 99 – 100% recovery for low SARS-CoV-2 copy numbers ranging from 1 – 100 copies/µL. 

LaunchWorks CDMO partners with companies to develop and optimize diagnostic products for commercial, large-scale manufacturing. LaunchWorks provides an expansive list of services, from creating custom pilot lot kits for high complexity products to fully commercialized kitting and fulfillment.  

LaunchWorks is proud to assist companies combat the spread of diseases and viruses through the utilization of genetic testing. For more information about how LaunchWorks supports research through DNA/RNA extraction, contact us here. 



  • FDA Registered 
  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified 
  • cGMP Compliant 
  • Full-Service 
  • Contract Manufacturer