LexaGene Holdings Hires Contract Manufacturer LaunchWorks to Support MiQLab Launch

LexaGene Holdings Inc announced another milestone in its journey to commercially launch flagship analyzer product MiQLab before the end of September - the hiring of LaunchWorks as its contract manufacturer. LaunchWorks is an FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified, cGMP compliant group specializing in manufacturing consumables for life science firms, LexaGene said. It will manufacture the assay panels and buffer sets used in LexaGene's fully automated MiQLab system. "LaunchWorks can currently manufacture enough products to easily support our commercial launch and have the facilities to scale their production to meet any demands that we require. I am very impressed by their facilities, high caliber staff, and their ability to scale their operations to meet our needs as we grow," Dr Jack Regan, LexaGene's CEO and founder, told investors in a statement. MiQLab is a fully automated genetic analyzer designed to deliver reference-quality data at the point-of-need and can return results in about one hour. LexaGene says the technology can be used in multiple billion-dollar markets, including human and veterinary diagnostics as well as food safety testing. "This is an extremely exciting time for LexaGene. Our initial hires in sales are working out exceedingly well and we are in the home stretch for manufacturing and qualification. By the end of next month, we expect to begin selling and fulfilling delivery of our first units, which will be a huge milestone for the company," added Daryl Rebeck, LexaGene's president and co-founder.

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Scaling Up COVID-19 Test Kit Manufacturing With Automation

Like many businesses, LaunchWorks was thrown for a loop when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but not in the same way as some other manufacturers. The company was already on a strong growth trajectory for 2020, but when shelter-in-place mandates were announced, access to doctors’ offices limited the activity of most of the existing customer base. The company was able to harness its strengths to quickly pivot by promoting and expanding COVID-19 test kit manufacturing capabilities. As a result, LaunchWorks anticipates tripling its size this year.  Automation is a key factor in scaling up to serve clients. Expanding that quickly to help meet the country’s public health needs is not a simple task. The company focused on a combination of long-term industry supplier relationships, innovative thinking and automation solutions. LaunchWorks already utilized automation, but adding new functionality and additional capacity for the COVID-19 efforts helped move from producing 75,000 transport media tubes a week to an anticipated 1 million per week. […]

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A message from our CEO

The lack of humanity reflected in the death of George Floyd, the senseless deaths of so many others in our minority communities and the Black Lives Matter response have caused me to reflect on my limitations in implicitly supporting a status quo that has lead our communities to where we are today. […]

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LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab Evolves to LaunchWorks CDMO

New name reflects ongoing commitment to supporting the life science community by LaunchWorks. LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab, a company serving the life science market, is now LaunchWorks CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization). Launchworks recently received their ISO 13485 as a CDMO. Accompanying this new capability, the company has revamped its website and reimagined a logo design consistent with other divisions of its parent company Integreon Global. […]

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Pandemic Response Challenge Program – Call for Capabilities

Background The Pandemic Response Challenge Program (PRCP) aims to support research and development collaborations between Canadian and international researchers, industry partners, and the National Research Council (NRC) to accelerate the development of technologies that can protect and treat Canadians affected by COVID-19 and can strengthen Canada’s readiness to respond to future pandemics. Projects undertaken under the PRCP build on the NRC’s innovative technologies and leverage its leading capabilities for translational research and development. To accelerate the development of complete solutions to address acute clinical and public health needs, the PRCP will recruit Canadian and international collaborators. The calls for capabilities announced below aim to seek research partners with complementary and enabling technologies, as well as industry and end-user partners to build solutions that can enable pathways to clinical adoption. Funding is available to defray certain eligible costs for approved projects. If you have a technology or technological capability that is relevant to one of the active calls set out above, submit a Statement of Interest before the closing date using the form provided below. Select respondents may be invited to apply for funding directly or as part of a subsequent call for proposals. […]

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A Message From Our General Manager about COVID-19

We hope family, colleagues and you are safe during this difficult time. I am writing to inform you of the latest update from the Launchworks operation in Beverly, Massachusetts. As of March 2nd, Launchworks implemented policies and procedures to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection including excellent hygiene, social distancing, health monitoring, enhanced daily facility cleaning and visitor restrictions. Additionally, we have secured material to complete a full facility disinfection if an incident occurs. […]

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