Apr01, 2020

A Message From Our General Manager about COVID-19

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We hope family, colleagues and you are safe during this difficult time.

I am writing to inform you of the latest update from the Launchworks operation in Beverly, Massachusetts. As of March 2nd, Launchworks implemented policies and procedures to minimize the
risk of coronavirus infection including excellent hygiene, social distancing, health monitoring, enhanced daily facility cleaning and visitor restrictions. Additionally, we have secured material to complete a full facility disinfection if an incident occurs. (more…)

Oct08, 2019

New Laboratory of Industrial Fluidic Translation (LIFT) to Develop Microfluidic Device Tests for the Diagnostic Market

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LaunchWorks CDMO and its sister company Cryopak Canada are pleased to announce a collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to create the Laboratory of Industrial Fluidic Translation (LIFT).

By joining their knowledge in nanofabrication and lab-on-a-chip technologies and in manufacturing, LIFT will offer a competitive capacity to accelerate the creation, certification and deployment of microfluidic bio-devices, a one-stop shop of expertise and service not previously available in North America. (more…)

Aug14, 2017

LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab is now FDA Registered, cGMP Compliant and ISO 13485:2016 Certified by TUV for the third time!

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So what’s that do for a startup biotech or new life science product launch you ask? Good question! Here is the short answer for you;

Our FDA Registration will give our customers increased traceability to the FDA by registering LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab as their manufacturing partner. (more…)

May24, 2017

Error Proofing

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Discuss and define clear expectations of your business, department, team or project. Understand the output and be sure all stakeholders have consensus. Whether your output is product, process, data or consulting, the management process is very much the same when working in a team. Once consensus on an output is gained, benchmark how world-class organizations perform the “Go-See” walk, otherwise known as Gemba in the Toyota Production System. The Go-See walk allows you to observe processes in real time, current state environments. (more…)

Apr18, 2017

Workplace Visualization

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Almost 70 years ago, Japanese engineers developed a manufacturing system to pull through workflow and reduce waste and error.  Today, we know this system widely as the Toyota Production System.  Many businesses employ versions of this in proprietary or standard bench-marked ways.  Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six-Sigma, JIT and Pull Systems are all terms for this system we are familiar with.  Continuous improvement and reproducible results are the key goals that drive staff to find inefficiencies and error prone processes.  At LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab, we have found that successful implementation of visual workflow is a great start towards a lean culture, which engages each employee at all stages of the value stream.  The following is a recommendation on how to start.  Subsequent updates will work through five more steps of organization that can lead you on your way to a fully integrated, low maintenance, high-yield workflow.


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