Apr18, 2017

Workplace Visualization

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Almost 70 years ago, Japanese engineers developed a manufacturing system to pull through workflow and reduce waste and error.  Today, we know this system widely as the Toyota Production System.  Many businesses employ versions of this in proprietary or standard bench-marked ways.  Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six-Sigma, JIT and Pull Systems are all terms for this system we are familiar with.  Continuous improvement and reproducible results are the key goals that drive staff to find inefficiencies and error prone processes.  At LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab, we have found that successful implementation of visual workflow is a great start towards a lean culture, which engages each employee at all stages of the value stream.  The following is a recommendation on how to start.  Subsequent updates will work through five more steps of organization that can lead you on your way to a fully integrated, low maintenance, high-yield workflow.


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